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Anchor Auto Body guarantees that your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition! Our certified experts have decades of experience ensuring that your vehicle is in perfect condition when it leaves our body shop.

Auto Body Shop or Auto Repair Shop?

Knowing whether your repairs will be handled by a body shop or a repair shop is a huge help, especially as a result from a large collision or minor accident.

Auto body shops deal extensively with damage or flaws in the vehicle’s body components, including: the frame, windshield, windows, roof, doors, fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk, and so on. They also handle restoration of body panels, paint jobs, and other aesthetics, as well as on the vehicle’s frame on occasion. An auto repair shop, on the other hand, is a location that specializes in mechanical and electrical repairs. They handle all internal vehicle repairs and maintenance, such as changing the oil in a car, repairing faulty electrical systems, and repairing combustion engines.

At the end of the day, the goal of an auto body or auto repair shop is to get you back on the road safely, soundly, and happily. We at Anchor Auto Body are just as concerned about your car as you are, both in terms of the quality of work performed and the overall value of the experience.

Dent Repair & Removal

Remove those dents without any hassle or worries! We are experts at making your vehicle’s body panels look better, no matter the damage. Scratches, knicks, and imperfections of any severity are expertly repaired so a vehicle looks like it’s fresh off the manufacturing floor.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Dent repair that preserves the paint surface while repairing minor dents is known as paintless dent repair. It’s most commonly used to repair hail damage, but it can also be used to fix door dings, large dents, and even bodyline damage.

The entire procedure entails meticulous precision repair, with our technicians gently massaging the dent out with metal rods. We remove dents from the underside of body panels with care and blend high spots to match the texture of your vehicle. We can see exactly where to place our tools to massage out the dent and restore the surface to its original condition by using a light board.

However, if the dent has sharp edges or shredded metal, the paint within the dent has been chipped or scratched, the indented metal is positioned near the panel’s edge, or previous bodywork has been done on the dented region, this repair method is not practical.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

We are the best choice for a cracked windshield, foggy headlights, and splotchy or damaged panes! The delicate components of your vehicle will be taken care of by Anchor Auto Body. Your vehicle’s glass components are restored and improved to their original condition.

Windshield Patches vs Resin

Windshield patches, which are commonly found in local stores, can be used as a quick fix for minor windshield damage. An auto glass repair specialist, on the other hand, will not recommend this method because it is not long-lasting. Windshield patches have hardening sealants in them that temporarily stop the crack from spreading and hold the chipped glass together to prevent further damage.

The windshield must be of high quality to function properly because it supports the roof of your car and protects you from being thrown out in the event of an accident. It also shields you from small rocks and flying debris while driving. As a result, of the importance of a vehicle’s windshield, we often suggest full replacement to protect the integrity of an automobile.

Auto Paint and Repair

Regardless of a vehicle’s current state, highly skilled paint experts can bring out the best in your vehicle in both terms of aesthetics and durability. Only the best techniques and tools are used to ensure the most pristine paint job on any car, regardless of make or model.

Importance of Repainting after Car Repairs

Your car will be repainted after a collision as the final step in the collision repair process. You may think that having your car painted after auto body repairs is purely cosmetic, but there are several other reasons why it is necessary.

Paint does a lot more for your car than just make it look nice. The high-quality paint on your car acts as a shield against the damage that roads can cause. Dust, rocks, and dirt can erode the paint on your car, causing it to rust. Rust can harm your car’s various components and impair its ability to drive safely.

A fresh coat of paint can also protect your car’s components from damage, which can help you avoid further accidents. Anchor Auto Body employs highly skilled technicians who will not only provide you with a beautiful and meticulous paint job, but will also ensure that the process contributes to the longevity of your vehicle.

Fender & Bumper Repair

Fender benders and parking mishaps are all too common, especially as the South Bay grows in population. You may decide it’s time to repair a damaged bumper after a few too many nicks, dents, or scratches. Anchor Auto Body can assist you. You can repair, improve, and avoid future mishaps and accidents with our 5-star services.

How Does Bumper Repair Work?

Bumper repair typically entails removing the car’s bumper cover, after the damage has been assessed and identified. Any imperfections are removed or sanded down for a smoother surface after the bumper is removed, and any related repairs are then worked on with top quality products and precision tools.

Anchor Auto Body technicians then begin the painting process after removing all imperfections. Only after the paint has completely dried is it safe to handle, and only then is the fender reinstalled on the car. The painting can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to completely dry. As a result, the painting and curing procedures are likely to take the longest.

When this is all completed, the car is thoroughly cleaned before being returned!

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You’ll never run out of things to do or places to see in a city with a rich history, a plethora of lifestyle options, and a flurry of activity. To get the most out of it, make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Anchor Auto Body has been serving Santa Clara for over 20 years and has earned a reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most dependable auto body shops. We can provide a wide range of services thanks to our capable, skilled, and fully trained technicians.