Anchor Auto Body guarantees to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition! Our expert accredited technicians have decades of experience to ensure that your vehicle leaves our body shop to your complete satisfaction.

The Auto Repair Process

  1. Parts needed for your repair are ordered after the estimate is written and approved by you and your insurance company.
  2. Your vehicle is then scheduled for repair while you wait for your parts to arrive.
  3. The vehicle is set up on unibody repair equipment, if applicable, after structural and body repairs are completed.
  4. After that, new panels are prepared and installed, followed by the priming, painting, and corrosion protection processes.
  5. The vehicle is thoroughly inspected and tests are run to ensure that the work was completed successfully.

Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning work, vehicle washing, and a final inspection, including a test drive, are all part of this process. You receive a call once all aspects of the repair have been completed, informing you that your car is ready and is now ready for pickup

Dent Repair & Removal

We excel in perfecting your auto body panels for optimal exterior appearance. Scratches, knicks, and blemishes are expertly repaired to return your vehicle to its best condition.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless dent repair is a type of dent repair that is commonly used for minor dents that leave the paint surface intact. It is commonly used to repair hail damage, but it can also repair common door dings, large dents, and even bodyline damage.

Paintless dent repair is essentially a precision repair in which our technicians gently massage the dent out using metal rods. We carefully push out dents from the underside of the body panel and blend high spots to match the texture of your vehicle. We can see exactly where to place our tools to message out the dent and restore the surface to its original condition by using a light board.

This repair method is not feasible when sharp edges or torn metal characterize the dent, the paint within a dent has been broken or scratched, the indented metal is located near the panel’s edge, or previous bodywork has been done on the dented area.

Auto Glass Repair

Cracked windshield, foggy headlights, spotty or damaged windows are right up our alley. Your car’s delicate components are in good hands with Anchor Auto Body. We restore your vehicle glass components to original condition, and improve them to perfection.

Windshield Patches vs Windshield Resins

Do-it-yourself repair kits usually include a windshield patch. Professionals rarely use this type of repair because it is not the most effective repair method. Windshield resin is the most common type of windshield glass repair used by professionals to repair chips or cracks.

As a collision repair facility, we often deal with completely shattered windows that require complete replacement. In the case of cracks or chips, we suggest completely replacing the window. Due to a common slow progression of the size of the crack, we prefer to replace the window for long term quality and safety of vehicles in our care.

Auto Paint and Repair

Our highly-skilled paint experts can bring out the best of your car in whatever state it may be. Only the best techniques and tools are used to ensure the most pristine paint job to any car, regardless of make and model.

The Auto Paint Process

The painting process usually begins with a layer of zinc applied to the metal to prevent corrosion before the car is even built. After the body is finished, it is thoroughly cleaned to remove any oil or grease, and more anti-corrosion coatings are applied.

After that, there’s a primer layer, which serves a few purposes. It shields the coatings beneath it, some of which are susceptible to sunlight. It fills in any minor flaws in the surface and aids in the adhesion of the paint to the metal. If a scratch penetrates past the top layers and deep into the finish, it acts as a protective barrier.

Then, the paint base coat is the next layer applied. It contains the pigments that give the paint its color. Some pigments are more expensive, which is why some new vehicles may charge extra for specific colors. The paint layer is then protected with a clear coat, which gives the car a glossy finish while also protecting it from small chips and scratches.

Fender & Bumper Repair

Fender benders and parking mishaps are all too common. After one too many knicks, dents, or scratches, you may decide that it is time to repair a damaged bumper — and we at Anchor Auto Body can do that for you. Repair, improve, and prevent future mishaps and accidents with our highly-commended services.

As part of complete collision repair, this is the most commonly replaced part of a vehicle. It is crucial that this component is replaced perfectly, as it will ensure the safety of your vehicle for any potential future damage.

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Your Most Trusted Auto Body Shop In Sunnyvale, California

Sunnyvale is a city in Santa Clara County, California, United States. It is located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, near San Jose, and is adjacent to the cities of Santa Clara and Mountain View. It was founded in 1850 as Murphy’s Station (later Encinal), but in 1912 it was renamed Sunnyvale and developed as a fruit-processing center.

However, the city’s economic foundation shifted when the nearby US Navy dirigible base and the expansion of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works (later Westinghouse Electric) in 1942 contributed to a developing industrial pattern that now includes electronics (especially computer components and software) and the manufacture of guided missiles.

Sunnyvale, as a part of Silicon Valley, has long enjoyed a prime location at the epicenter of the Bay Area’s evolution from agriculture to aerospace and defense to technology. Our location strikes the ideal balance between a mild, sunny climate and easy access to urban amenities and abundant natural beauty.

Long-term planning has ensured that the city can continue to provide the services, programs, and facilities that make it a great place to live and work. Sunnyvale’s Department of Public Safety, a pioneer in the model that integrates police, fire, and emergency response, has kept the city ranked among the safest in the country.

The city’s park and recreation system includes 23 parks, golf, tennis, and swimming facilities, a library, and an arts complex. Sunnyvale’s historic downtown, which is home to a number of local eateries and merchants, hosts art festivals, concerts, and a year-round farmers’ market.

You’ll never run out of things to do or places to visit in a city that’s brimming with lifestyle options and bustling with activity. So, in order to get the most out of it, make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition. Anchor Auto Body has been serving Sunnyvale for over 20 years and has grown to become one of the Bay Area’s most reputable auto body shops. We offer a wide range of services thanks to our capable, skilled, and fully trained technicians.