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Santa Clara, with a population of 130,000 people, is Silicon Valley’s soul. There are parks and art can be found here. There’s ancient history (Egyptian, no less) as well as thrills from a modern theme park. Inhale the scent of groomed flower gardens while eating delicious Korean cuisine. Furthermore, because it is home to one of the top institutions in the United States, you can expect a bustle of young people who are ready to take on the world.

This city is only a few miles away from other cities in California including Sunnyvale. If you’re driving from Sunnyvale to this city, it would only take probably just a minute via Central Expressway. You just have to make sure your car is in good condition. If you are looking for a quick fix on your vehicle, try an auto body shop in Sunnyvale. Having trouble finding the right Sunnyvale auto body repair shop? Click here to know more.

City History

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Jose Francisco Ortega, a scout for the Portola-Serra group, was the first European to discover the lush valley that would later be known as the Santa Clara Valley in 1769. The area was inhabited by Indians known as Los Castanos by the Spanish, who were eventually known as the Ohlone. Spain began conquering California by erecting a line of 21 churches known as missions along the California coast, stretching 600 miles from San Diego to Sonoma. The Franciscan padres chose Ortega’s rich valley as the site for the eighth mission, which was named after Saint Clare. The mission was established on the 12th of January, 1777.

Historic Road

The Alameda between the city and San Jose, which historians think was California’s “first true road,” was named one of the 50 Community Millennium Trails by the White House Millennium Council.

Silicon Valley’s cultural quarter

Santa Clara, the epicenter of what is possible, is home to almost 130,000 people. It’s where you’ll find your goal, with nearly 19 square miles of tree-lined neighborhoods, bustling shopping malls, and vibrant businesses. Here are some of the places that you can visit:

Central Park

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No, not that Major Park, but with so much to do in Santa Clara’s central green area, it’s easy to see why this 52-acre (21-hectare) haven is so popular. A picnic area with grills and a children’s play area combine to provide a family-friendly environment for you and your family. You can take a leisurely stroll among the gardens and fountains, or get a little more active by playing lawn bowling, softball, tennis, or basketball. Make a splash at the International Swim Center but always keep in mind that your idling doggie paddle might seem a little out of place among the Olympic hopefuls.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

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You probably didn’t think the Egyptians made it all the way to California. They did, or rather, beautiful relics from the Nile civilization were transferred here to form the world’s biggest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts on display today in western North America. There are 4,000 wonders to behold here, ranging from 500BCE burial papyrus from the 27th Dynasty to a ring belonging to Tutankhamun from 1,323BCE.

California’s Great America Theme Park

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Looking for some cool activities to do in the scorching heat of Central California? At California’s Great America theme park, you may get your fill of thrills and spills (as well as the wind in your hair). Drop Tower, Flight Deck, Demon, and Delirium are the places to go if you want to leave your stomach in the parking lot. Have you thrown away your cookies yet? That will be changed by the Psycho Mouse. See if you can keep your cool while plummeting 45 feet (14 meters) near-vertically down the Mission Falls waterslide, which includes a negative g-force slope, at the South Bay Shores Waterpark.